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2023 Roundtable

Roundtable Discussion  •  Wed at 1pm

Middle Mile Fiber  - Insuring your Transport Network is prepared for the Multi-Gigabit speeds enabled with XGS-PON Access Networks.

Your fiber access networks providing high-speed internet to your communities are evolving to deliver ever-increasing speeds.  These Gigabit and Multigigabit services will also impact the capacities and scale of your interexchange transport network.  A robust, high-capacity, and secure “middle-mile” transport network is foundational for insuring your communities are enabled to leverage today’s transformative social and commercial network platforms.  Access to funding for underwriting some of this needed investment for middle-mile networks promises to aide in this process.  Join your peers and industry experts as we explore the challenges and options for this important network transformation.


Technical Seminars

Technical Seminars will be offered on Wednesday, April 5 at 10am and 11am. Participants have the chance to win Cash Prizes for attending the seminars.

10 am Sessions

7 Sigma

Building Secure Networks for the Future

Phil will cover four topics to help you ensure your network stays secure. He’ll walk through network hardware, and how to be sure you have the best tools in place. Phil will discuss ways DDOS attacks can impact your network, and share how best to avoid DDOS attacks. He’ll give an overview of BNG and the security benefits it provides. And,

he’ll talk through BGP monitoring and protection so that you can be sure your network is protected from outside threats.

Beyond Technology

Revolutionizing Rural Connectivity: Exploring New Frontiers for ISP Evaluation

Rural and regional ISPs are well-positioned to address the broadband gap through innovative business models and solutions. They should seek to evaluate different aspects such as: looking beyond traditional means, exploring partnerships with new providers and adopting a more ecosystem approach, looking for new products and services that are easy to bring to the market, thus increasing and generating new sources of income, all these saving costs through the integration of innovative technologies that open new ways to cover large surfaces with more profitable means.


Evolution of the Pathway

Come and see the latest configurations of protective pathways for your fiber network. FuturePath combined with our Silicore ULF will enhance your fiber placement process with greater distances and speeds.

Juniper Networks

Cloud Metro: The Key to Enabling Sustainable Metro Business Growth

Metro transport traffic will grow 500%+ from 2021 to 2027 – is your legacy metro network ready?


With next-gen connectivity, edge cloud hosting and service experience all converging at metro, legacy networks are struggling to meet ultra-low latency application demands.  With resources becoming distributed and the lines between domains blurring, siloed architectures for business, residential, and mobile services are no longer sustainable. These conditions demand a metro network that performs like a cloud data center fabric. A Cloud Metro. With a Cloud Metro powered by an AI-enabled, cloud delivered automation solution, service providers are able to sustain their systems, operations, and architecture well into the next decade. 


KNOW YOUR FIBER, “Advanced Fiber Monitoring”

This session will review solutions that address physical layer optical performance measurements and trouble isolation.  Beyond traditional stand-alone test sets and service-disrupting processes, this session will explore new monitoring solutions for identifying and locating faults in your fiber network.  We will also review new capabilities which can even recognize degradations in the fiber plant prior to an actual service disruption.  Knowing your fiber is essential to a more proactive approach to service assurance.

P&T Supply

Network Timing--How to protect your sync network if at-risk GPS goes down or modernizing outdated equipment.  

We’ll discuss synchronization strategies for modern networks using packet transport technologies, and why GPS/GNSS is no longer reliable. We’ll also cover federal guidelines protecting critical infrastructure and best practices for tackling GPS/PNT cyber threats, including “zero-trust multi-source backup” solutions and AI-based management.

Superior Essex Communications

Enhancing the telecom power Grid with Next generation Hybrid cables

Attendees will learn how to utilize and maximize the use of the Telecom power grid for powering Fixed wireless, FTTH, and other network Edge devices.  Find out how Speed deployment and reliability of network enhancement thru the use of Hybrid cables while reaping benefits of repurposing existing copper infrastructure to meet new bandwidth requirements.


Half the repeat truck rolls in your PON deployments

Good fundamentals in testing procedures is necessary to ensure proper connectivity on PON deployments. With these in place, you can expect to half the amount of repeat truck rolls, improve CSAT and start generating revenue sooner! This seminar is a quick look at how that can be accomplished.

11 am Sessions

Absolute Communications & Networking inc.

Cambium CNWAVE and cnpilot products.

We will discuss the use, application, and successful deployment of both products.  Also, he will share why we specially choose to CNWAVE and cnpilot products in many of our Wi-Fi deployments and give examples of how we solved customers particular needs with the above products.

Tel Rep Marketing

Path to 1.6 Tb/s using ethernet

This Education session will provide an explaining of optical communications for ethernet, its evolution from 1G to 800G and the path and challenges with 1.6 Tb/s connectivity.

Cobb, Fendley & Associates, Inc.

Strategies for Securing State and Federal Funding for Broadband Implementation

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law includes a historic level of funding to be invested in broadband infrastructure throughout the United States. This session will provide an overview of the various programs, overall eligibility requirements, timing and some key strategies and insights for securing the funding to support project implementation.


Latest GIS Technologies for Efficient Telco Operations

Our session will present a field-proven methodology for the implementation of a centralized network inventory platform, based on successful cases recently carried out for large telcos and utilities in North America, highlighting the major project drivers, main technical requirements, implementation challenges, and automation tools adopted to help achieve faster and better results.


NISC Integrated ESRI-Based Mapping & Staking

NISC’s Mapping + Staking is a powerful mapping tool that allows field technicians and office personnel to manage maps quickly and easily. Mapping + Staking is an intelligent mapping solution designed to help visualize data—enabling you to find relationships that might be not as easy to connect on a spreadsheet. Fully integrated into the NISC Enterprise, Mapping + Staking helps you visually identify trends in your customer information, better gauge various accounting and business data and how it relates with other variables.

Power Storage Solutions

Lithium batteries, chemistries make a difference

The session will compare 3 different lithium chemistries commonly used in stationary batteries.  Looking at safety, life expectancy comparing similarities and differences. The chemistries talked about are lithium iron phosphate, NMC and lithium titanate.

CCI Systems, INC

The Evolution of Access Networks, What You Need to Know.

Over the last decade there has been an evolution of network and plant designs.  Intelligence, the calculation and determination of the best router, best path, best service has now moved away from the core and been placed deeper into the outside plant.


Services are being mixed closer at the edge, requiring more decisions and better traffic management.  No longer are their pure residential or business services over an access technology, fiber direct, PON, Cable, Wireless.


CCI will explore a few examples and why learning more is important.


Coherent DWDM Optical Transport Update

New and future Coherent DWDM optical transport technologies will be discussed. This includes Coherent pluggable optics that can transport 100G to 400G. These Coherent plugs can go directly into router ports, and simplifies and reduces the cost of Metro and Access networks for PON, Active Ethernet, and 5G applications. Coherent transponders can now transport up to 800G per wavelength. In 2024, Coherent pluggables optics will transport up to 800G, and Coherent transponders will transport up to 1.6 Terabits per second per wavelength.

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