2022 Roundtable

Roundtable Discussion  •  Wed at 1pm

You’re investing millions of dollars into your access network. But what’s the point of delivering 1 Gbps services—and beyond—to your subscriber’s homes if their in-home experience is antiquated? Most subscribers do not understand the difference between the access network and their home network. The terms “Wi-Fi” and “Internet” are interchangeable. They do, however, understand what it’s like to have a fast, reliable connection. And, they know who to call when they do not. Recent advancements in Wi-Fi technology (including Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E) are designed to deliver the fastest, most reliable connectivity throughout subscribers’ homes.  Join this session to learn more about the latest technical enhancements and (more importantly) the real-world benefits of these improvements.

2022 Technical Seminars

Wednesday at 10a & 11a

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10 am Technical Seminars



Ribbon Communications: How to solve Bandwidth Exhaustion 

Bandwidth limitations, bandwidth constraints, fiber exhaustion – it’s not a new problem, but over the past 24 months it’s certainly become a bigger problem for the tier 3/independent carriers and many enterprises.  Please join KGPCo and Ribbon to hear how our solutions solve your network issues. 


Can Your Internet Do This?

While Managed Wi-Fi provided a beneficial subscriber service with appealing recurring revenue, Plume’s Smart Home and Small Business services promise to be truly next-level. In this session AirSonics, Plume’s strategic partner for the tier 3 BSP market, will outline innovative and compelling new revenue generating services ranging from aging in place for the elderly to employee management and productivity tools for Small Business Owners. AirSonics will also illustrate how Plume’s OpenSync approach can relieve BSPs the anxiety of placing all your software, remote management, and CPE eggs in one vendor basket. 



10Gig PON – Future proofing your PON Network

11 am Technical Seminars


MicroTechnology is THE Future

We will discuss the advances in microtechnology as well as applications for Hybrid Future Path and where it can be substituted for traditional conduit


Next Generation of Optical Connectivity and Open Networking Solutions 

ECI Networks is a Canadian Corporation that manufactures next generation of compatible Optical Transceivers, AOC/DASC cables from 10G to 400G,  Passive TAP’s, and xWDM Mux/Demux for Carrier applications. We are working with very large carriers in Canada since 1998 and delivering them capex and opex saving that is transformational. ECI Network is also a leading SI of Open networking solutions delivering co-branded White box solutions to allow for more flexibility, higher cost savings, and efficient scalability of your network infrastructure. By separating the HW from the SW layer companies will realize huge savings along with the opportunity to load any OS they want, whenever they want.   



Next Generation PON Network



Supply Chain and Shipping Woes.  Do We Need to Get Used To It?

Delays, product shortages and rising costs continue to bedevil businesses.  Are the days of ordering whatever you need and watching goods arrive without any thought about delivery factories, shipping containers, and delivery trucks over?  We’ll explore the world supply chain crunch and what you can do about it.