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2024 Roundtable

Roundtable Discussion  •  Wed at 1pm

Navigating Broadband Funding in Texas - A Technical Perspective with BEAD Insights

Join us for this year’s  roundtable panel to gain a deeper understanding of how the federal and state broadband funding programs align with Texas initiatives toward, ensuring affordable and reliable Internet for all, especially in underserved communities.  This panel will expose some of the obscurities of Texas broadband funding, while also focusing on technical aspects. The panel will begin with specific insights from the BEAD Program including,  the deployment, mapping, and adoption strategies essential for expanding high-speed Internet access. Then, Texas-based broadband operators will share some strategies surrounding these unparalleled funding opportunities.

Technical Seminars

Technical Seminars will be offered on Wednesday, April 3 at 10am and 11am. Participants have the chance to win Cash Prizes for attending the seminars.

10 am Sessions

Precision Group

Optimize your ROI by Future-Proofing the Smart Home
As the trend shifts toward relocating customer premise equipment, challenges are faced by the installer, ranging from optimizing the whole-home network to accidental customer interruption. Drew Hardin, Founder and President of Precision Group, will address the challenges associated with this shift including reducing maintenance and installation costs, empowering the customer to self-install and troubleshoot, and improving installer efficiency and service quality.

Power Storage Solutions

POWER:  AC/DC output, UPS backed up with lithium batteries

Uncover the future of backup power in an educational breakout session with Power Storage Solutions – a Dallas-based industry player in the critical power sector,
specializing in providing innovative energy storage solutions. Sit in on insightful exploration of AC/DC output in UPS, seamlessly backed up with advanced lithium batteries.


Next Generation Broadband journey. How to
create a cost-effective PON infrastructure to
support your community

Broadband connectivity holds the potential to revolutionize communities by enhancing access to education, telemedicine, and job opportunities. However, the path to successful broadband implementation can be daunting. In this presentation, we will explore the key elements of next-generation broadband services, the
fundamentals of broadband networks, and the critical technologies to consider when planning the infrastructure to support your communities. The next-generation approach to broadband needs to be optimized for small deployments and be able to grow predictably with your customer base and bandwidth requirements to ensures a sustainable solution that protects your investment and avoids future operational cost traps.

Viavi Solutions

“Multi-Gig Speed Testing- Speed Testing 1, 2, 5 or 10 Gbps Inside the Home or Biz Moving from 10G to 100G”

The challenges of providing and proving high speed internet lines of 1, 2, 5 or 10Gbps inside the home or business. The differences between speed testing throughput testing. Making sure the verification tests are run and run properly on the first truck roll to avoid repeat truck rolls.  


Training:  Embracing the digital transformation

From paper to screen, Clearfield is revolutionizing the fiber installation process and building out a new learning environment. We are not changing the way we install but the way we learn. With Clearfield and BILT everyone can become an expert. Imagine having a digital mentor at your fingertips, guiding you through complex installations with ease and confidence. That is the reality we have created. By embracing the digital transformation with BILT’s 3D technology, Clearfield is not only setting new standards for installations but also for the training and empowerment of the workforce.


Active fiber monitoring of fiber networks

Without fiber monitoring, high-bandwidth services are always at risk of disruption, often with significant negative impact on customers. As soon as service providers invest in a proactive solution that measures the integrity of their fiber plant, they can efficiently isolate faults and take immediate targeted action. This dramatically shortens repair cycles and avoids unnecessary truck rolls. So why have many service providers been slow to implement in-service fiber monitoring solutions until now? In the past, fiber testing technology was designed for reactive measurement, while proactive solutions often failed to meet the cost and practicality requirements of many networks. Now a technology exists to address this urgent need.


OpenPON: A New Approach to Deliver Fiber Broadband (Last Mile)

In this session, we will introduce Service Providers to a new Open Access architecture approach (OpenPON). Many Providers aren’t aware that there is an alternative Fiber Broadband deployment option that does not use a chassis-based Access architecture. It is a compelling lower-cost, scalable, and flexible Last Mile solution for Providers.Services are being mixed closer at the edge, requiring more decisions and better traffic management.  No longer are their pure residential or business services over an access technology, fiber direct, PON, Cable, Wireless.

11 am Sessions


Access Network and Subscriber Management for ISPs

Preseem is an award-winning quality of experience (QoE) platform that helps regional operators manage and optimize their network health across subscribers, access technologies, and vendors. Join Gerrit Nagelhout and Samuel McManus-Redden from the Preseem team for an overview of how Preseem’s data-powered tools help reduce costs, boost efficiency, and benefit every team at an ISP. You’ll also hear first-hand from Adair Winter of Amarillo-based AW Broadband as he shares the benefits his organization has enjoyed since adopting the platform.


OverRides and Subdividing Existing Conduits through MicroTechnology

Explore the untapped potential of existing network to meet increased capacity demands, upgrade system, add redundancy, backhaul, or sell bandwidth. Discover installation methods to install Micro Ducts and FuturePath products and the latest technologies and tooling available for success.


The Evolution of Wi-Fi

With all the focus on multi-gig bandwidth, we tend to overlook the most important aspect of the subscriber experience, Wi-Fi. Wireless technologies continue to evolve to keep up with the increased demand in speed and improve the overall experience. Wi-Fi 7 is here to take us to the next level of connectivity.

KGP/ Trident Products

Locating and Grounding Principles for Protecting Buried Broadband Utility Infrastructure

A session about design principles of locating and grounding system within broadband networks to optimize accuracy and damage prevention.


Telecom Transformation: Unlocking Operational Excellence with Digital Twins
Discover how implementing digital twins can streamline operations and reduce costs for telecommunications companies and learn how these digital replicas of the physical and logical network assets enhance decision-making processes, minimize downtime, and improve operational productivity. Gain valuable insights of the various applications of digital twins to proactively address challenges of the telecommunications industry, highlighting resource planning and allocation, service simulation and testing, predictive maintenance, real-time monitoring and optimization of the network performance.

Vertical Cable

How Vertical Cable can help with optical fiber

We offer outside plant bulk optical fiber cable, and connectivity products. For example, our collection of LGX adapter plates is one of the biggest on the market - 300+ configurations. We are excited to be able to attend Texas Communications Expo this year for the first time and to meet our existing customers, and make new connections.


Beyond Cables and Connectors, Let’s Light-up Your Network!
As network speeds increase, the understanding of optics becomes more and more important.  In this session, Rakesh Sambaraju, Director of Sales and Technology at Vitex, will provide a high-level overview of optics, the different types and components available, and what is critical to understand. Attendees will leave with a clear and uncomplicated picture of the future of networks and optics.

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