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Texas Communications Expo Inc.

Since 1995, TCEI has contributed over $500,000 to organizations in the communications industry.

Texas Communications Expo, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation chartered to engage in charitable, educational, scientific, civil or similar purposes including the promotion, advancement, development and dissemination of knowledge and information relating to the communications industry.

The EXPO is held each year in early April and provides vendors from across the nation and around the world an opportunity to present their products and services to operating companies engaged in the business of providing telecommunication services to end users. In addition to the product displays, vendors can perform training seminars for their products. Certificates of attendance are provided to all seminar participants.

The Texas Communications Expo, Inc. operates under the direction of a sixteen member Board who are volunteers from throughout the communications industry. Eight members are from operating companies while the other eight are from the vendor community.


In addition to the Board of Directors, there are numerous volunteers who serve on committees aiding EXPO. The volunteers provide priceless assistance and are an integral part of the shows success.


Monies collected are donated to communications organizations that provide scholarships to promote education within the industry. Additionally, contributions are made to non-profit organizations to assist with training and education of craft and management personnel.


The Texas Communications Expo, Inc. is very proud of its “Donation to Revenue” ratio. The Board of Director’s is delighted with their accomplishments since TCEI's inception and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the years.

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In 2016, the TCEI Board of Directors was awarded the Friends of TSTCI Award.

TSTCI Friend of Rural Award, introduced in 2014, is an award that recognizes someone — internal or external to TSTCI — who, through words and deeds, exemplifies our slogan “Rural Matters.” As an Association, TSTCI is very fortunate to have many in our membership and many outside our membership who support our mission. The TSTCI Friend of Rural Award recognizes individuals whose words and deeds make a difference to rural areas, lifestyles, commitments and the economic viability of the rural areas and rural citizens.

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